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users missing from reports

Steve Oct 08, 2014 10:00AM PDT

I have some users missing from a Company's report for last month (July), yet they were added in Active Directory at the end of June and appear in the list of users for that Company in WebSpy.
How do I get these users' information into the report? Why is it missing?

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Fastvue Aug 13, 2013 09:11PM PDT FASTVUE Agent
It sounds like the new users group alias may not be matching the log data.
Firstly make sure the new users have been added to your alias (eg. usernames).
This can be done when importing from Active Directory but perhaps the check box was missed.

If they have been added correctly to your alias; can you double check to see if they require a domain prefix.
The easiest way would be to see if the other aliases for other users have a domain/user type format.
If they are missing this domain prefix just edit the new users' groups and change/add the key with the domain prefix.
This is usually the problem.

For future reference; please note that the domain prefix/suffix can be specified when importing from Active Directory via the user details tab of the Import Organization wizard.

Alternatively if you select your 'usernames' alias and click the show unassigned list link on the left hand side (alias dock) this will run through all of your open storage data attempting to find any unmatched data. This may take some time if you have a lot of storages and a lot of data imported.

Another way to double check is to run a summary/analysis on the log data you know these users appear in and then look at the username field.
Once you find the new users in question in this field view you can see what format their usernames are in and what needs to be in the alias group keys to match them correctly.
You can also apply your 'usernames' alias to the username data view and then see if the new users are assigned their aliases or not.
If they are not assigned to the alias then the key/s in the alias must not be matching the raw data version of their name.

I hope that helps :)
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Fastvue Aug 19, 2013 03:07AM PDT FASTVUE Agent
Hi Steve,

Sorry to hear that you are still having some issues.
It sounds as thought the raw log data is not matching the users aliased in the company alias.
We need to ensure these string values in the alias match the raw log data usernames otherwise the result is empty reports when the aliases are applied.

The unassigned list is built dependent on the currently selected aliases assigned summary fields.
So once a view changes it needs to rebuild this list based on the current selection.

Reports can be filtered based on any data in the log or any aliased data; meaning you can set a filter to produce a report based on a company alias name that you have set up.
For Example;
If I set up an Alias called Companies with a group called MYCompany; I can then add a 'Field value filter' on the generate report wizard.
To do this I would go to the filter page in the Generate Report wizard and click add "Field Value Filter".
Once clicked a new dialog will appear allowing me to set the Summary to the username field; the Alias to Companies; and the Include radio box.
This will then show a list of alias groups available in the Companies alias; which will allow me to select the MYCompany alias group.
Doing this will ensure that only the users/aliases in MYCompany will appear in the generated report.

If you require further assistance in setting this up we can offer a GoToMeeting with you to resolve the issue in a more hands on manner.
Just let us know if this is required.

All the best
WebSpy Support

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