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How to Register WebSpy Vantage

Last Updated: Feb 24, 2015 10:57AM PST
You've purchased the software and now you can unlock it but you are wondering how to go about it. This article is here to help guide you through this process.

If you are looking for how to register Web Module; Try here:

If you are running Vantage build or below please go to this page for instructions :

Those of you on build or above continue to read the instructions below.

How a normal registration works.
1) Open the Registration dialog.
1.1) If the software is expired just click the Registration button on the splash screen.
1.2) If the software has not expired then go to TOOLS | REGISTRATION

2) Fill in the details on the first page of the dialog; Making sure to enter the correct serial number, email, and company name. This will avoid any delays on receiving your unlock code.

Once all of the details are filled in just click the Request Unlock Code button.

3) This will then submit your information to our Registration server so it can generate an unlock for you.
During this submission the following page will be displayed.

4) If you receive an error message at this time it means the unlock request was not completed.
Please skip to the "How to Manually unlock the software" section located after these instructions.

5) If no error occurs; Once the unlock request has been submitted the follow page will be displayed.
At which point you can either wait or click the Unlock Later button while waiting for the unlock code to be received via email. The dialog will remember that you are on this page and will reopen at this page when you open the Registration dialog again to enter the unlock code.

6) Once you have received your unlock email. Just copy the unlock code from the email and click the Paste button shown on the above page. This will paste the unlock code into the text box provided. Once entered click the Unlock button.

7) Once the Unlock button is pressed the software will then attempt to authenticate the code and activate the software. During this time the following page will be displayed.

8) At this point if you receive an error message it means something has gone wrong with the unlock code authentication. Please repeat the unlock process. If the problem persists please contact WebSpy support.

9) If all goes well you should see a Thank You page which will display the number of days remaining on your license.

10) Click the Close button and your registration is complete.

How to Manually unlock the software

1) If you are aware that the computer running Vantage is not connected to the internet or has proxy issues connecting to our registration server then you will need to use the manual unlock option to register the software. To save time and to make the manual unlock process easier, please attempt to Register as mentioned above. The reason for this is once the unlock request fails as manual unlock string will be presented to you. Once this is done please go to step 2.

2) You received an error when attempting to request an unlock code.

At this point you can try re-submitting the request or you can click the Manual Registration link to continue with unlock the manual way.

3) The Manual unlock page
  1. The manual unlock text will be shown in the text box at point 1.
  2. Click the Copy to Clipboard link to add the text to your paste menu.
  3. If you have internet access on the current computer click the web page link at step 2.
  4. The following page will then be displayed.
  5. Just paste the copied text into the provided box on the website and click Submit Form
  6. If you don't have access to the internet from the current computer:
    6.1. Copy the text into a file/email and access the website at point 2 from another machine.
    6.2. Alternatively you can email us at support with the copied text.
  7. Once you have submitted the information an email will be sent to you (to the email address you have provided in the submitted text) within 24hours containing your new registration file(s). During this time you can close the Registration Dialog if you wish; as it will reopen to the same page when you access it again.
  8. Once you have received the email containing your registration files reopen the Registration Dialog and click the Unlock button.

4) Using you Registration file

Select the manual registration file that was sent to you via email in the above box.
Once selected just click the Unlock Button.

5) You have completed your registration.
The file will then be read and if all goes well you should see the Thank You page with the number of days left on your license.

If you experience any difficulties or problems just contact us here at WebSpy Support and we will help get everything sorted out.

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