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  • Task Not Running: error code 2147750687

    If you are running Vantage on Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows Server 2008 R2 you may find that your scheduled tasks may not be running and resulting in an error (error code 2147750687). This error is generated by the Windows...

    Oct 07, 2014 08:39PM PDT
  • Creating a Monthly Storage

    To automatically create a set of storages that will contain the log files corresponding to a certain month, you will need a task that creates and names a new storage every month. To create this task: Create a new task and enter "Create Monthly St...

    May 12, 2016 11:57PM PDT
  • Setting Up Tasks

    This article shows you how to create a set of tasks that will automatically create monthly storages, import your log file data and generate daily, weekly and monthly reports. It also provides general information about creating tasks, adding actions t...

    May 12, 2016 11:59PM PDT
  • Reassigning Scheduled Tasks

    Sometimes you need to change the schedule tasks you have setup in Vantage to run under a different user account. So you select your task and go to edit it but when you go to the authentication tab of the task you are confronted with a non editable gr...

    Oct 07, 2014 08:39PM PDT
  • Emailing Reports or Task Results Are Not Working

    WebSpy Vantage can be used to send reports by email via a scheduled task, as well as send the results of the task. These features require Vantage to be configured with an active SMTP Server. This is done in Tools | Options | Email. If you...

    Oct 07, 2014 08:39PM PDT
  • Scheduled Tasks do not run when Vantage is closed

    Problem: In some situations, Tasks scheduled on the Tasks tab in Vantage fail to run when Vantage is closed, and/or when the user account is logged off the machine. When viewing the Scheduled Task in Windows Task Scheduler, the Last Run Result is 0x...

    Jun 16, 2016 05:44PM PDT
  • Scheduled task fails to run

    Problem If you are getting a last run result code this 0x80070569,translates to the following error: Logon failure: the user has not been granted the requested logon type at this computer. Cause This error indicates that the user the task is set to ...

    Jul 16, 2018 09:44AM PDT

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