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DJ Feb 16, 2015 10:08AM PST


Thanks Scott for the already great help. Thought I would post this one public, maybe others could use it.

The request is to give a report for what sites a user has visited on a given Bluecoat log category. So far I have:
Node User
subnode of "Top 100 Sites"
subsubnode of Filter Categories (I deleted all columns except Filter Categories)

I have attempted to use a Custom Expression of [SCFilterCategories]="shopping" and IS "shopping", and a few other permutations of the same. As far as I have gotten is a "Boolean error"

Is I use Node User and a SubNode of Filter Categories I get a good list categories the user has visited which has been useful. Now they wanted it further broken down.

Do I at least have the right idea?

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Fastvue Feb 16, 2015 02:58PM PST FASTVUE Agent
Hey D.J,

Thanks for getting in touch about this.

The first question I have is what exactly would you like to see in the content of your report?

You said "I use Node User and a SubNode of Filter Categories I get a good list categories the user has visited which has been useful. Now they wanted it further broken down."

It sounds like you need to add more sub-nodes to the Filter Categories node if you want to drilldown into each category and view more information such the sites for each category.

Select the Filter Categories node and right-click | New Node. Select Site Domain as the summary and click OK. Then run the report. This will break down each Filter Category and show you the sites that visited each one. You can add other nodes underneath the Filter Categories node as desired.

There are two basic options:
1. Include 'Filter Categories' in the content of your report by adding a node that includes 'Filter Categories' as one of the columns. You can then add sub-nodes to the Filter Categories node to drilldown into each Category to view further information. If you're only interested in the shopping category, you can add a filter for it on the Filter Categories node via the 'Filters' page.

2. Filter the existing report by the Filter Categories that you're interested in analyzing. Again, you can do this using the 'Filters' page when editing a template node, or filter the entire report using the Template Properties dialog. If you think the categories you'll want to report on will change in the future, then instead of baking the filter into the Template, just specify a filter when running the report.

To add a filter for a specific category:
1. On the Filters page of a node, or the Template Properties dialog, or on the Filters page of the Generate Report wizard (need to decide where is the most appropriate place for the filter), click Add | Field Value Filter.
2. Select Filter Categories from the Summary drop down
3. Click Add
4. Enter the Category that you want to filter such as 'Shopping'. Be careful of typos here. Click OK.
5. Select either the Include or Exclude radio button to include or exclude the selected categories in the report.
5. Click OK to add the filter.

You shouldn't need to worry about using the 'Custom Expression' section of the filter editor for this.

I hope this helps! Let me know how you go!


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