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    Release Date: 29th May 2015

    Notable Changes Since

    Vantage Application:
    IMPROVED: Show/Hide inputs now hides 'files/folders not found' inputs automatically.
    FIXED: Registration status displayed in the registration dialog.
    FIXED: Publish to Web Module issues related to Organization Groups containing "/" characters.
    FIXED: Web Module connection state which may have resulted in a "Max Stack Depth" error.

    ADDED: Sophos UTM DHCP log support
    IMPROVED: ContentKeeper log Support
    IMPROVED: Smoothwall firewall log Support

    Web Module:
    IMPROVED: Browser compatibility. IE10 and above no longer render the site in IE7 document mode.
    IMPROVED: Improved 'Further Analysis' filter support
    UPDATED: Dynamic Reports calendar selector
    FIXED: Auto-updater now restarts after updating.
    FIXED: Permissions issues preventing auto-update installation.
    FIXED: Further Analysis now support items with forward slashes
    FIXED: Registration link on expired message

    How to upgrade

    To upgrade to the latest build, select Tools | Check for updates in WebSpy Vantage.  To update the Vantage Web Module, right-click the WebSpy system tray icon and select Check for updates.

    Release Date: 5th May 2015

    Notable Changes Since

    Vantage Application Major Improvements
    IMPROVED: Fixed issue preventing Forefront TMG report templates from being run on storages created with older builds (Normalization tag on schema fields no longer causes incompatibility issues).
    FIXED: Running an analysis on multiple storages no longer causes drilldown errors.
    FIXED: Fixed the filter expression exception that occurs when using the new 'Publish selected storage' option when publishing a report to the Web Module.

    Vantage Application Other Changes:
    IMPROVED: Test Profiles - hitting the 'enter/return' key now runs the test.
    FIXED: Filtering by mail schema 'Subject' field no longer presents list of Profiles to select from.

    Loader Improvements:
    FIXED: Vantage no longer fails to automatically detect the log format for newer versions of MS Exchange logs.

    How to upgrade

    To upgrade to the latest build, select Tools | Check for updates in WebSpy Vantage.  To update the Vantage Web Module, right-click the WebSpy system tray icon and select Check for updates.

    Release Date: 23rd April 2015

    Notable Changes Since

    Vantage Application New Features:
    PDF Support
    Publish reports to PDF directly from Vantage, or download a PDF version of a report from the Web Module.

    Further Analysis 
    Hover over items in the Web Module to run a 'further analysis' on them. *Requires a matching storage to be published to the web module

    Template Analysis 
    Run your own reports in the Web Module by selecting date range and a Report Template. *Requires storages to be published to the Web Module.

    Customize/Change Group Managers
    Choose which managers are responsible for each group in the Organization tab, without relying on the manager attribute in AD.

    Vantage Application Major Improvements
    ADDED: Option to publish a matching storage when publishing reports to the Web Module. 
    ADDED: Test profiles function (enter a site or keyword and find the profile it will match to)
    ADDED: URL Extraction supports 135 new Top Level Domains 
    ADDED: Horizontal Chart option in reports
    ADDED: "CombineArray" filter function.
    ADDED: SQL Command importing Timeout setting.
    ADDED: Storages will not be created if there is low HD space.
    IMPROVED: Always remember Web Module login password
    IMPROVED: Web Module Permission selection dialog
    IMPROVED: Registration process
    IMPROVED: LDAP importing
    IMPROVED: Storage now a forced default date partitioning
    IMPROVED: Deleting of root node inputs
    IMPROVED: Report emailing validation
    IMPROVED: Applying an alias to a summary view
    FIXED: Wildcards now supported in custom column definitions in report templates.
    FIXED: Task file creation error
    FIXED: Multiple recipient email issue
    FIXED: IPv6/ipv4 display
    FIXED: LDIF Importing of the DN attribute via additional attributes.

    Vantage Application Other Changes:
    ADDED: User limit licensing information added to about dialog and Web Module connection information
    ADDED: Alias values are now sortable
    ADDED: Field selection page in Import Wizard now has an option to reset the selection to default
    ADDED: Date range displayed in storage properties
    ADDED: Option to open the task history log on the Tasks tab.
    ADDED: Right-click Delete Storage option
    IMPROVED: Registration Licensing display
    IMPROVED: Default loader group selection
    IMPROVED: Trace logging
    IMPROVED: Template dialog sort order
    IMPROVED: Template analysis filtering
    IMPROVED: Ldif file mask(supports both ldf and ldif).
    IMPROVED: Right-click | Add to alias
    IMPROVED: Organizational import now trims and combines groups with spaces
    IMPROVED: Organization manager importing
    IMPROVED: Input issues Review button renamed to "Create issue log"
    IMPROVED: Enforce alias creation after Organization import
    FIXED: Web Module Permissions dialog selection issue.
    FIXED: Template summary analysis aliasing
    FIXED: MIN datetime columns now collate correctly in collated reports (e.g. Start Date).
    FIXED: Hide/Show inactive inputs
    FIXED: Test Web Module Permissions UI
    FIXED: Import Settings doesn't update alias relationship list.
    FIXED: Issue with Collated Trend Reports
    FIXED: Alias UI issue resulting in a big red X when too many characters are displayed.
    FIXED: UI refresh when storage repair is run
    FIXED: Tab order when adding a CIDR value in the  subnet alias dialog
    FIXED: Issue preventing task actions that included storage selection from being added to a task
    FIXED: Dividebykey error
    FIXED: Edit Subnet alias blank dialog
    FIXED: Copy/Paste into subnet alias
    FIXED: Incorrect Publish report names
    FIXED: Temp file/folder deletion in MHT report close.

    Loader Improvements:
    IMPROVED: Barracuda log support,
    IMPROVED: Citrix netscaler log support
    IMPROVED: Checkpoint log support
    IMPROVED: Clearswift log support
    IMPROVED: ContentKeeper log support
    IMPROVED: Event log support
    IMPROVED: Fortinet log support
    IMPROVED: Ironport log support
    IMPROVED: McAfee logs support
    IMPROVED: MS FTMG log support
    IMPROVED: MS IIS SMTP & WEB log support
    IMPROVED: Palo Alto log support
    IMPROVED: Pound log support
    IMPROVED: Tomcat log support
    IMPROVED: Trend log support
    IMPROVED: Smoothwall guardian log support
    IMPROVED: Sonicwall log support
    IMPROVED: Sophos UTM log support
    IMPROVED: Squid proxy log support
    IMPROVED: SuperLumin log support
    IMPROVED: Watchguard log support

    Web Module New Features:
    NEW: PDF report download option. (PDF support)
    NEW: Template Analysis
    NEW: Further Analysis on Open Reports
    NEW: Further Analysis on Dynamic Reports
    NEW: Horizontal Chart option

    Web Module Major Improvements:
    IMPROVED: Scrollable sidebar in Reports and Analyses
    IMPROVED: Analysis view layout
    IMPROVED: Dynamic Reports layout

    Web Module Other Changes:
    UPDATED: User limit licensing information is now displayed in registration information.
    UPDATED: Confirmation dialog stylings
    UPDATED: CHM help file 
    ADDED: Logging options
    ADDED: Style Sheet page to allow for altered style sheets.
    ADDED: GO button on dynamic reports
    ADDED: Upload/Sync of templates
    ADDED: Show X records option added to Reports and Dynamic Reports tab.
    IMPROVED: Registration Error message now shows manual registration information, and a link to check Proxy Options.
    IMPROVED: Registration Expiry message now shows links to the register page and to the contact sales web page.
    IMPROVED: Default sort order of storages and analysis tables
    IMPROVED: Storage and analysis tables now have a date and time field.
    IMPROVED: Table performance
    IMPROVED: Diagnostic log purging options
    FIXED: Storage Deletion
    FIXED: Ajax error
    FIXED: MIN datetime columns now collate correctly in Dynamic Reports (e.g. Start Date).
    FIXED: Dynamic Reports now support Trend reports
    FIXED: WebModule App Pool no longer defaults to .NET 4.0 when installed on Windows 8 or above.
    FIXED: Admin log in issue
    FIXED: IP sorting
    FIXED: IPv6 display

    How to upgrade

    To upgrade to the latest build, select Tools | Check for updates in WebSpy Vantage.  To update the Vantage Web Module, right-click the WebSpy system tray icon and select Check for updates.

    Release Date: 16th April 2014

    Notable Changes Since

    Vantage Application New Features:
    -ADDED: New Organization Browse dialog
    -ADDED: Delete storage task
    -ADDED: Bypass proxy for Web Module connections.

    Vantage Application Major Improvements
    -ADDED: Default profile list in filters.
    -IMPROVED: Stream import positioning
    -FIXED: Scheduled Task failure to finalize task.

    Vantage Application Other Changes:
    -IMPROVED: Report storage selection frame
    -IMPROVED: SQL support for server/instance
    -IMPROVED: Purge storage task
    -FIXED: Minor adjustment to registration dialog

    Loader Changes:
    -ADDED: Sophos Remote Acccess Report log support
    -IMPROVED: Sophos IPS log support
    -IMPROVED: Bluecoat log support
    -FIXED: Zyxel timespan issue
    -FIXED: Postfix year issue

    How to upgrade

    To upgrade to the latest build, select Tools | Check for updates in WebSpy Vantage.  To update the Vantage Web Module, right-click the WebSpy system tray icon and select Check for updates.

    Possible issue when updating Web Module:
    Due to the recent updating of the zip library support there may be a possible issue when updating the Web Module. If you experience this issue please follow the instructions in the article below:

    Release Date: 24th March 2014

    Notable Changes Since

    Vantage Application New Features:
    -ADDED: Organizational Group Managers.
    -ADDED: New Organization Department/Grouping import.
    -ADDED: Auto save settings.
    -ADDED: Failed Web Module published reports are now stored for later publishing.
    -ADDED: IPs are now searchable on summaries
    -ADDED: Search functionality to organization browse dialog
    -ADDED: Support for date aliasing.
    -ADDED: Boolean field support.
    -UPDATED: Task Scheduler support dll
    -UPDATED: Zip support dll
    -UPDATED: Deleted inputs remain in the input list with a strikeout. (Prevents issues when importing new hits/inputs.)

    Vantage Application Major Improvements
    -IMPROVED: File/Storage Corruption protection
    -IMPROVED: UTF8 Password En/decrypt
    -IMPROVED: Reporting performance and memory usage.  
    -IMPROVED: Import performance and memory usage.
    -IMPROVED: Unassigned Alias list performance and operation.
    -IMPROVED: Performance on obsolete Storage fields.

    Vantage Application Other Changes:
    -ADDED: Save Settings option in TOOLS menu
    -ADDED: Save this task/alias/profile
    -ADDED: Minor Report Templates UI alterations.
    -ADDED: Double click to template root node to open template properties.
    -ADDED: Confirm password dialog to permissions.
    -ADDED: Chart order changes when you change the aggregate order (template nodes).
    -ADDED: version to trace log & settings
    -IMPROVED: Zip progress bar while importing.
    -IMPROVED: Memory performance when importing zips
    -IMPROVED: Chart labels in horizontal and vertical bar charts.
    -IMPROVED: Trace logging, Error reporting, & Safety Checks in Tasks.
    -IMPROVED: SQL Import stopping.
    -IMPROVED: SQL password security.
    -IMPROVED: SQL import dispose method. (memory/performance).
    -IMPROVED: Input File size gathering (memory/performance).
    -IMPROVED: Storage UI thread safe guards
    -IMPROVED: Get Latest no longer disables on deletion of input.  
    -IMPROVED: W3C Header lines now reported in islogs.
    -FIXED: Import of settings zip.
    -FIXED: WM publishing group selection
    -FIXED: Pie chart selection issue.
    -FIXED: Template node dialog chart index error.  
    -FIXED: Create Storage task no longer overrides existing storage inputs
    -FIXED: Web Module connection logic improved.
    -FIXED: Ungrouped users are groupable again.
    -FIXED: Analysis reports stop faster.
    -FIXED: zip Stream disposing
    -FIXED: Input settings editing.
    -FIXED: UI Glitch on import of settings
    -FIXED: Web Module logon password en/decryption
    -FIXED: User node template bug  
    -FIXED: Task Indexing error
    -FIXED: Public Report Template selection
    -FIXED: Organizational Search
    -FIXED: Updating error
    -FIXED: SQL Authentication settings
    -FIXED: SQL Dispose in background threads.
    -FIXED: Input dialog error message now prevent the closing of the dialog.
    -FIXED: WM report publish task storage disappearing
    -FIXED: WM report publishing task action text updated to reflect multiple storages.
    -FIXED: Inputs/Files that do not exists are now disabled
    -FIXED: Application hang on forced application close during running task.

    Loader Changes:
    -ADDED: new Clearswift web log support.
    -ADDED: new Bluecoat log support
    -ADDED: new Foritnet log support
    -ADDED: Sophos 9.2 Beta log support
    -ADDED: Netgear SRX5308 log support
    -ADDED: BSD - Packet Filter loader
    -IMPROVED: IRONPORT log support & memory usage.
    -IMPROVED: ISA 2006 Web And Firewall support
    -IMPROVED: Cisco Memory usage.
    -IMPROVED: Bluecoat & Bluecoat W3C log Support
    -IMPROVED: Watchguard XTM loader
    -IMPROVED: Symantec cloud support.
    -IMPROVED: Smoothwall Guardian 3 log support
    -IMPROVED: Fortinet loaders
    -IMPROVED: Clearswift Secure Email log support
    -IMPROVED: Superlumin.
    -IMPROVED: Postfix log support
    -IMPROVED: W3C base to report header lines as info issues
    -FIXED: Palo Alto Resume importing
    -FIXED: Research Machines loader

    Web Module Changes:
    -ADDED: Proxy settings now refresh on selection.
    -ADDED: Option to turn off check for updates.
    -FIXED: Storage deletion issue.
    -FIXED: Download report bug.

    How to upgrade

    To upgrade to the latest build, select Tools | Check for updates in WebSpy Vantage.  To update the Vantage Web Module, right-click the WebSpy system tray icon and select Check for updates.

    Release Date: 2nd October 2013

    Notable Changes Since

    Vantage Application Changes:
    ADDED: Troubleshoot alias/es multiple resolver
    ADDED: Double click organization edit,
    ADDED: Copy button on Profiles include and exclude list
    FIXED: WM Server name check

    Loader Changes
    ADDED: Squid ICAP log support
    IMPROVED: SQL importing
    FIXED: Cisco ASA 113019 duration field
    FIXED: Bluecoat squid style
    FIXED: Sun iPlanet

    Web Module Changes
    FIXED: Web Module reports now pay attention to the chart settings on each template node.

    How to upgrade

    To upgrade to the latest build, select Tools | Check for updates in WebSpy Vantage.  To update the Vantage Web Module, right-click the WebSpy system tray icon and select Check for updates.

    Release Date: 18th September 2013


    Notable Changes Since

    Application Changes:
    - Added search functionaility to Organization list
    - New UI for adding Subnet Aliases
    - Horizonal Chart Option in Reports
    - Troubleshoot 'Selected' alias
    - Import/Export Settings
    - New Registration Dialog

    New Log Formats
    - WebSense Syslog (Use the syslog/key-value pairs (Splunk and others) format)
    - Sophos UTM 9 syslog
    - Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway
    - Netgear UTM - traffic schema support
    - MDaemon v11 support
    - Fortinet Fortigate 110c support
    - Tomcat SpyLog

    Other Improvements

    -ADDED: A Troubleshoot "this/selected" alias.
    -ADDED: Right click menu Troubleshoot alias/es
    -ADDED: A test email settings button in email options
    -ADDED: "Display Known" in filters run in a background thread
    -ADDED: News feed runs in a background thread
    -ADDED: Paste button to Profiles include & exclude lists
    -ADDED: Paste button to Add Value Filter dialog
    -ADDED: Default aliases updated with FTMG aliases (on fresh installs)
    -ALTERED: Performance and speed improvements to Troubleshoot alias/es
    -ALTERED: News feed url, article limit, and rss version
    -ALTERED: Report Templates now have a default Top X sort set to 50/100 for web-addresses
    -ALTERED: "Having" has a size combo box displayed on selection of bytesize columns
    -ALTERED: "Top X" is now set to 50 by default
    -ALTERED: Computer Browse Dialog performance improvements
    -ALTERED: Resolve IP workflow
    -ALTERED: Default selections
    -ALTERED: Limited thread UI to a maximum of 8
    -ALTERED: Unassigned list UI
    -ALTERED: Publish Report task storage auto trims spaces
    -ALTERED: Summary Dock; Aliases now refresh on current view
    -ALTERED: Obscure column aggregates not automatically added to summaries view or report template nodes
    -ALTERED: WM server name is prompted to change to computer name when using 'localhost'
    -FIXED: LDAP Bind not bound error
    -FIXED: Can now no longer add a duplicate alias
    -FIXED: Date Filter UI
    -FIXED: Profiles right click menu options availablity (Disable add/paste if profile is not selected)

    Log Format Details:
    -Added support for more log formats.
    -Added category extraction from non-category field (if category field not found).
    -WSA format has had the extra aggregates defaulted to off (effects templates node columns not the imported data).
    -Fixed a duplicate field display name bug.

    Microsoft Forefront TMG:
    -Improved auto detect for new logs.
    -Added Summary icons.
    -Fixed a timespan overflow issue in the firewall logs.

    -Added support for Websense Syslog (Key Value Pairs / Splunk format available via SIEM Integration options)

    Other changes
    -SQL Importing optimizations
    -CSM loader optimizations
    -Squid loader optimizations
    -Netasq size is now a total of bytes sent and received
    -Sonicwall firewall & Web schema to have a user fallback summary (populates with Source IP Address if Username is not logged)
    -Improved Custom Loader date time support.
    -Increased support for Juniper Logs

    How to upgrade

    To upgrade to the latest build, select Tools | Check for updates in WebSpy Vantage.  To update the Vantage Web Module, right-click the WebSpy system tray icon and select Check for updates.

    Release Date: 20th May 2013

    Changes since

    Log Formats:
    Astaro: Added extra field to astaro filter schema. 
    Astaro: Astaro schema names to begin with UTM rather than Astaro.
    Palo Alto: Fixed datetime region issue. 
    Sophos: Sophos now has Astaro formats listed as well. 

    Fixed: Exception trapped on task count/indexing 

    Web Module:
    Fixed: Web Module IIS Authentication connection problem (401 error). 

    Fixed: 417 error when attempting to auto-update.


    Release Date: 14th May 2013

    Changes since

    Log Formats:
    IronPort: Improved detection
    IronPort: WSA Schema expanded to cope with WSA W3C logs
    Microsoft FTMG: Fixed Native log import issue
    Netbox Blue: Added web proxy txt logs support
    Postfix: Fixed support for French region settings
    Sophos: Added Filesize field to Web Security Appliance loader
    Sophos: Improved by making the Size field the total of bytes in and out
    Windows Event Logs Syslog NG: Fixed sysuptime field to have the attribute of message

    Fixed: View footer code to set maxvalue timespan if it is too large

    Aliases / Organization:
    Added: Extra Error checking in aliases csv importing 
    Added: Extra Error checking in schema list retrieval
    Added: Extra Error checking in Subnet aliases verification 
    Added: Extra trace logging into MS LDAP
    Fixed: LDAP test connection button repaired for MS LDAP
    Fixed: Site extensions

    Improved: Resolve IPs

    Added: A select all button to the Tasks (recursive area)
    Added: Synopsis update for if an email doesn't send or if a report doesn't publish 
    Fixed: Email exception for SMTPUsername; 

    Web Module:
    Updated DLLs 
    Fixed: Syncing of Aliases + Profiles in filters  
    Fixed: Date range sorting exception
    Fixed: Vantage now syncs its size setting with Web Module 

    Release Date: 3rd April 2013

    Changes since

    Log Formats:
    Apache: Alteration to Apache IBM format (duration field),
    Astaro: Fixed Date/Time field (time missing),
    ContentKeeper: Added support for new ContentKeeper syslog format,
    IronPort: Added Ironport W3C format,
    IronPort: Fixed Bounce Mail detection & importing,
    IronPort: Renamed Ironport 'C350 mail' to 'C-series mail',
    IronPort: Improved C-Series Mail to import more C370 & C650 logs,
    IronPort: Fixed some Ironport object out of bounds issues (WSA format),
    IronPort: Altered Ironport WSA schema so that groups are now a string list,
    Juniper: Added Juniper SRX loader,
    Smoothwall: Improved Smoothwall Guardian 3 support,
    Sonicwall: Improved site information for Sonicwall loader,
    Symantec: Added Symantec Cloud loader,

    Fixed Template string casting issue,

    Fixes/Improvements to LDAP,
    ‚ÄčAdded: LDAP SSL,
    Altered: LDAP radio box removal (Microsoft by default or Novell via settings),
    Altered: LDAP quick queries,
    LDAP type UI added in options dialog,
    Added new LDAP catches to allow for better error messages.

    Input reader now checks for null schemas (task file not opening task),
    Fix: Resolve IP tasks; selection of schemas from a yet to be created storage,

    Web Module:

    Fixed char / problem in web module permissions,
    Fix: WM Test Permissions UI,
    Fix: common dll for WM login,

    Added trace logging on/off option in the application,
    Added trace log UI; 1) Open Tracelog location. 2) Email it to support,
    Added more trace logging,
    Add email SSL support,
    Added Tool tip for ftp input,
    Added skip line back in default xml database input,
    Fixed system configuration trace logging,
    Update copyright to 2013.

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