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How To Change the Web Module's Data Location

Last Updated: Feb 15, 2015 10:43PM PST
When you install the Vantage Web Module, you are asked where you would like the Web Module to store data. The default path is C:\Vantage Web Data.

You may like to change this path to a different drive with more disk space, or a network path. If you don't do this during the installation, here are the steps to change the data path after installation:

1. Locate the Web Module's Web.Config File

The setting for the data path is held in the Vantage Web Module's Web.Config file which is usually located in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\<web module's virtual directory\Web.Config.

If the Web Module is located somewhere else, open Microsoft IIS (Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager), then select the Web Module in the left hand side (e.g. Server-> Sites ->Default Web Site -> webmodule).  Click Basic Settings.

Web Module's Basic Settings

Note the 'Physical Path' setting and open this location in Windows Explorer. You will find the Web Module's Web.Config file in this location.

2. Stop IIS

Before proceeding, first stop IIS (Select your server on the left hand side of the IIS Management Console, then click 'Stop' on the right hand side). 

3. Edit the SettingsPath in the Web.Config file

Open the Web.Config file in a text edit such as notepad and look for the following section:
​​<add key="SettingsPath" value="C:\Vantage Web Data"/>

Change the value from C:\Vantage Web Data to the path where you would like the Web Module to store data from now on, then save the file.

4. Edit the SettingsPath in the registry

In addition to the settings path in the Web.Config file, there is also a reference to it in the registry. Open Regedit (start | Run | regedit) and go to HKEY_Local_Machine | Software | WebSpy | Vantage Web Module | settingspath.

Update this path to the path you would like to use. Ensure it is the same one specified in step 3 above.

5. Move the Web Module's data to the new location

Before restarting IIS, first move all your existing settings, reports and data to the new location by coping the contents of the old data location to the new data location. For example, copy C:\Vantage Web Data to D:\newlocation\Vantage Web Data.

6. Give Read/Write Permission to The Web Module's App Pool

Ensure the Web Module AppPool's Identity has read/write permissions for the new location. To do this, right-click the new location (e.g. D:\newlocation\Vantage Web Data) and select Properties | Security. Add Read / Write permissions for the IIS AppPool\VantageWebModule local account

IIS AppPool Web Module Permissions

IIS AppPool Vantage Web Module Permissions

7. Start IIS

Back in the IIS Management Console, select your server on the left hand side and click 'Start' on the right hand side.

8. Test

The Web Module's data location should now be changed. Ensure all your existing data and settings have been correctly moved across, by browsing to the Web Module and ensuring all your previous reports can be accessed.

If you have any issues or questions, please contact WebSpy Support.

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