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Moving WebSpy Vantage to another Server or User Account

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2018 10:47PM PDT
Imagine you’ve just spent the last six months setting up storages, aliases, profiles, scheduled tasks and so on, and you need to migrate all this to another machine, or migrate the settings to another user account.

Of course, you could go to the Aliases screen and click ‘Save Aliases’, then go to the new machine and click ‘Open Aliases’, and repeat for all the setting you want to move across (Templates, Organization etc). But there is an easier way.

1. Import / Export Settings

Go to Tools | Import / Export Settings to export all settings to a zip file. You can then import this zip file on the new installation (or under the new user account) via Tools | Import / Export Settings.

Alternatively,  you can also manually copy/paste the settings files from C:Users\<your user profile>\AppData\Roaming\WebSpy\Vantage Ultimate <ver>\  to the same location on the new machine or user account. Make sure Vantage is closed when you do this.

2. Copy Storages and Reports (If necessary)

Exporting and Importing settings above does not move any Storages or Reports created by WebSpy Vantage on the old machine. To move your Storages and Reports across to the new server:
  1. On the old machine or user account, go to Tools | Options | Paths to find the Storage and Report locations on the old machine.
  2. If the new machine or user account cannot access this location, then move the storages and reports to a location that the new machine or user account can access.
  3. On the new server, go to Tools | Options | Paths and update the Storages and Reports locations to the new locations. Also update any locations that are still pointing to the old server or user account's locations.

3. Force Scheduled Tasks to be Recreated

Importing the settings files in Step 1 above will open your list of WebSpy Vantage Tasks, but it will not force the creation of the Windows Scheduled Task jobs to actually run those tasks at the right time.

To get your tasks functioning on the new machine or user account:
  1. Go to the Tasks tab and double-click each scheduled task.
  2. Proceed through the wizard and make sure all the settings are correct.
  3. Enter your authentication details on the last page and click OK.

This will create new Windows Scheduled Task jobs that will run just as they did on the old machine.

4. Test!

Once your Settings, Storages, Reports and Tasks have been successfully copied, try running any tasks you have configured to make sure everything is running correctly.
Also, take access privileges into account. For example, if the old installation was set to create Storages in \\server\mystorages, make sure the new machine or user account also has write privileges to this location.

Also, make sure your email server can relay emails from the new server or user account (check SMTP settings in Tools | Options | Email).

5. License

Up until now, you have been running the 30-day trial that comes with new installations of WebSpy Vantage on the new server. Now that you're happy that all your settings have been moved over correctly, you can go ahead and license the software.

See Registering WebSpy Vantage for information on how to do this.

That’s pretty much all there is too it. Happy migrating!  If you have any issues or questions, please let us know!

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