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The specified credentials were not accepted.

Last Updated: Dec 18, 2014 10:00AM PST
Here are some troubleshooting tips for when users try to log into the Web Module, and instead see the error The specified credentials were not accepted.
  1. Remote into the Web Module server and go to the Web Module's data location. The data location is specified when installing the Web Module (default is C:\Vantage Web Data).
  2. Open the Vantage Web Module.log file in a text editor.
  3. Search for the string 'Failed authentication attempt' and you will find all the unsuccessful authentications with the Web Module. For example:
    ​2013-08-08 11:47:43.140 Security Authentication attempt for username 'DOMAIN\wronguser' 
    ​2013-08-08 11:47:43.250 Security Failed authentication attempt for username 'DOMAIN\wronguser', address '::1', host '::1': The specified credentials were not accepted.
  4. Ensure the username mentioned above is either:
    A) An Administrator for the Web Module (in the Web Module, go to Options | Administrator Options |  ​Delegate Administrators)
    B) A user that exists in the Vantage Organization tab with the correct login name and permissions. On the Organization Tab, select the user, and ensure their Login name is set to the username in the error log above. Also go to the Web Module tab in Vantage and ensure the user has the appropriate Login permissions. Also ensure that you have synchronized these changes with the Web Module (click the Synchronize link on the Web Module tab).

Get the user to try logging in again. If you still have issues, please contact Support.

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