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Remove Advertising Hits From Reports

Last Updated: Nov 17, 2015 11:22PM PST
You may notice a high volume of advertising related sites when viewing web reports, such as doubleclick.net and others.

WebSpy Vantage has an 'Advertising' Profile that attempts to identify advertising sites using keyword matching. You can edit the list of keywords on the Profiles tab, and select the Advertising Profile.

You can then use this Profile to exclude advertising sites from your Reports. To do this:
  1. Go to the Reports tab and select your report template
  2. Click Template Properties
  3. Click Add | Field Value Filter
  4. Select the Site Profile Summary
  5. Click the Excludes radio button.
  6. Click the Add button
  7. Enter Advertising
  8. Click OK
You now a filter that applies to the entire report template to exclude Advertising sites.

If you still see an advertising site in your final report, it is likely that the domain is conflicting with a different profile. For example, mysportyads.com may get profiled as Sport rather than Advertising

To troubleshoot why a site is not being profiled correctly:
  1. Go to the Summaries screen and run an Ad-hoc analysis. 
  2. Go to the Site Domain summary and find the site you need to troubleshoot, such as mysportyads.com. Use the 'Find' feature if necessary.
  3. Right-click the site and Drilldown to Site Profile
  4. Here you will see the Profiles that the site is being categorized as. If you want to remove the site from these profiles, you can add the site to their list of Excludes keywords.
  5. Go back to the Site Domain Summary and right-click the site.
  6. Select Exclude from profile and then select the Profile to exclude the site from. This adds the site to the Excludes keyword list for that profile.
  7. Re-run an ad-hoc analysis to see the results of your change.

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