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Traffic Showing As The Wrong Time of Day

Last Updated: May 27, 2015 09:38PM PDT
Some proxy servers, including Microsoft ISA and FTMG, and IronPort, record their data in the log files in GMT/UTC time rather than local time. This means when you import the log files into Vantage you will need to apply your local timezone offset to the logs in order to view the data at the correct times that it happened.
To do this for existing storages, go to Storages and click on your Storage, then right-click the Folder Name which contains the log files, and choose Edit. Select your timezone from the Time Offset drop-down list. Click OK to return to the Storages screen. Now click the Reload All Hits link to reimport your files using the correct timezone offset.
For new storages you can set your timezone offset in the Import Wizard before importing the files. On the Input Selection page of the wizard, add your log files/folder, then click the folder name and click the Edit button on the toolbar. Then select your timezone from the Time Offset dropdown list. Click OK and continue through the wizard as normal.
You should now see the correct times in Summaries and any new reports you create.

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