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Testing Reports, Aliases and Profiles on a Small Amount of Data

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2018 09:56PM PDT
Sometimes you have so much data its hard to test or make sure everything is assigned correctly and working the way you want it to. Or perhaps you just want to have a quick evaluation of the software to see if it does what you need before committing to wait for a large report to generate. Well here is a tip to help make your life easier.

Whether it be when you are first setting up or when you just need to adjust parts of the software (such as aliases); why not just import a small amount of data to see if everything looks like what you want. But how? It's rather simple once you know how.

How to create a small data set for testing;
1) Create a new storage.

The first thing to make sure you do is create a new storage, this way you know you will not affect any of your existing storages. I also recommend calling this new storage something like "Test"; this way you will never get confused as to what this storage is if you choose to keep it.

2) Importing your Data.
If you have a small log file that contains enough data to test with then just select that single log file to import.
If you only have large log files; Select one of your logs; import it as usual but this time hit the STOP button in the top right hand corner of the application after about 30 seconds. This will tell the software to stop where it is in the log and in doing so give you a smaller set of data to test with.

3) Start testing
Now you have a smaller data set you can start testing on whatever it is you needed to test. The small data set will ensure the testing will take a lot less time.

Here are a few examples of how this method can come in handy.
1) Perhaps you have just created a template using new aliases and/or profiles. Generating this report on a large set of data may take a while but the result might not have been what you were wanting so you have to tweak the template and wait a while again to see the result. Using a test storage allows you to cut your waiting time and it still give you a general idea of how this template will end up looking.

2) Perhaps you want to see if the new organizational alias works on your username field data. Having a smaller data set will allow you to run an analysis and apply the Usernames alias much faster and see if the alias does indeed match the username data. This allows you to see if your data set has a prefixed domain for example which you may have forgotten to add when importing our organization.

So keep this 'Test Storage' technique in mind for whenever you want to quickly double check any of your settings.
I hope this was helpful :)

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