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Reassigning Scheduled Tasks

Last Updated: Oct 07, 2014 08:39PM PDT
Sometimes you need to change the schedule tasks you have setup in Vantage to run under a different user account. So you select your task and go to edit it but when you go to the authentication tab of the task you are confronted with a non editable greyed out user text box. Why might you ask?

This is done to avoid incorrectly set user account names, ensuring authentication is correct, and that the Windows Task Scheduler can be set correctly.  Allowing the change of this user account information may cause; errors, multiple schedules, authentication issues, and permission problems.

I know what you are thinking; "It took forever to setup those tasks and I don't want to have to recreate them." This is completely understandable and you have nothing to fear as I have a work around for you.

How to reassign the Tasks to a new user
1) Click the "Save Tasks" to save all the tasks or click the "Save this Task" to save just one (repeat the 'Save this task' on each task you want to reassign).
2) Delete the tasks you wish to reassign.
3) Reopen the saved task/s file under the new user account.
4) Edit each of the tasks you wish to reassign.
5) Reset the schedule date/times of these tasks
6) And set the authentication for these tasks. You should find the authentication is now set to the new user account.
7) Done the tasks are now reassigned to the new user account.

Important - Warnings
1) Be aware that tasks reassigned to a new user may need edits to some of the tasks actions if the actions were pointing at or using items specific to the old user account. ie user specific file paths etc.

2) It is extremely important to make sure you delete the old task/s assigned to the previous user account once you have saved the tasks to be reassigned. This is important because if you set the the tasks to run at the same time there will be a conflict as both schedule tasks will attempt to run.

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