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How to Enable Diagnostic logging for Troubleshooting

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2018 10:49PM PDT
Is something not working correctly or you are getting a strange error message?

To save time in diagnosing the issue, try turning on the diagnostic trace logging. The log that is created shows everything that occurs in code and helps the WebSpy development team identify where a problem has occurred, allowing us to find a solution to the problem much faster.

How to turn on Diagnostic Logging

If you go to TOOLS | OPTIONS | PERFORMANCE you will see an "Enable trace logging" checkbox at the bottom of this tab page.

Check this box to enable the trace logging. Be aware that trace logging does affect the performance of Vantage and we only recommend using it for short periods when reproducing the error or issue in question.

Once you have checked the Enable trace logging checkbox click the OK button to save this setting.

Now just use the software as you normally would and attempt to reproduce the issue/error in question. Once you have reproduced the issue/error, go back to tools options and uncheck the "Enable trace logging" checkbox.

Click the Open trace log location button which will open Windows Explorer to the location where the Task.log and the more detailed Trace.log files are stored. Alternatively, you can click the "Email to WebSpy" button which will launch an email to WebSpy Support with the Trace.log file attached. Which ever option you choose please remember to click the OK button to ensure trace logging is saved in the off position.

Email to WebSpy option
This option uses the email settings you have specified under TOOLS | OPTIONS | EMAIL to automatically zip up and email your trace log straight to support. This is a great option for those that have already contacted us about an issue and we have requested a trace log for more information.

Open trace log location option
This option is available for those looking for the trace log location. If the Trace.log file is large, you can upload the log to us at https://www.fastvue.co/upload.

I hope this was helpful :)

Please note for those concerned about privacy; the trace log contains information about the commands and code actions Vantage has performed, not your log data.

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