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How to Manually Set a Log Format

Last Updated: Oct 07, 2014 08:46PM PDT
Do you find that after adding your log files you get errors or a "failed to detect format" issue?
Perhaps the problem is the log file is not detecting as the right log format type.

We attempt to auto detect the type of log file you have selected to import to make life easier but sometimes we detect the wrong type of log file or none at all. This may be because the log is currently unsupported or that doesn't match the logs we have previously seen. If this happens to you please contact us at support and send us a copy or sample of the log file in question. We will be more than happy to adjust our detection code to ensure this works for you.

In the mean time you can try manually setting the log format by following the instructions below.

How to manual set the format.
There are two ways:
1) When adding inputs
1.1) Go to the Loader Selection page of the Import Logs Wizard.
1.2) Select the loader group and click the Properties button
1.3) On the formats drop down list select your log format
1.4) Carry on adding your log files but only add those of your selected format type.
1.5) This will by pass the auto detection when importing.

2) When Log files are already added.
2.1) If the log files have not detected a format you can set the root folder to the correct format type and all the files will update to it when you click import.
2.2) Just select the input (file or folder), right click and select Edit.
2.3) Go to the format tab page.
2.4) Click Properties
2.5) Select the format you wish to import as.
2.6) Click OK and OK again
2.7) Now try importing.

Don't forget to send us a sample of your log file if you continue to have problems as we are more than happy to look at adding or adjusting support for your log files.

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