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Import Errors - Read Me First!

Last Updated: Oct 23, 2014 10:13PM PDT
If you are experiencing any issues importing your log files, please check that you have the latest build of the software. To do this, go to Tools | Check for Updates on the main menu, and install any available updates. Then start a new storage, with a different storage name, and try importing your log files again.

The issues are usually caused by the log line format not matching the log schema we are expecting. If this occurs for every log line then we may not support this format yet or the wrong format has been detected or chosen.
If it appears as though we do not support the log format yet then please contact us as we will be more than happy to add support for it. 

Other issues you may find are issues referring to connection problems; this is usually due to the file being moved or due to file access permission problems.

If you go to TOOLS | OPTIONS | IMPORT you can set the number of consecutive issues that are allowed to occur before the import stops itself and you can also set the maximum number of allowed issues before the import stops. If perhaps you are not interested in seeing the issues as you are aware of the reason for them (eg. command status log lines in a syslog) then there is also the option to turn off the issues altogether. 
If you continue to have problems, please send a zipped sample of your log file, along with the details of the proxy/firewall/appliance that created the file to Support, or upload your file here

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